Stylish Cat Travel: Check Out Majerle and Gracie’s Beautiful Travel Crates

travel cratesWe love getting to know our pet-loving clients as we work with them to move their furry family members across the world.

It's especially fun when pet owners use social media to document their lives as they transition from one place to another, because not only does it give everyone a chance to see cute photos, it's a great way to learn about new cities and the pet-friendly options that may exist there.

Pre-move stories can be good reads, too, and recently a very special client of ours shared a link to her blog with us that we especially enjoyed.

PetRelocation Specialists Tobi and Lyndsey are helping Tes move her cats Majerle (it's pronounced "Marley" like the basketball player) and Gracie to Shanghai soon, and not only has this loving pet owner found time to blog about her experiences, she has helped her cats to have the most eye-catching travel crates we've seen!

Check out the artistic handiwork of Tes's sister below. With colorful sharpies and a lot of talent she transformed the crates into beautiful travel vessels any cat would be proud to use. Visit Tes's blog for the whole story of how these stylish pet travel crates came to be, and join us in wishing these kitties a wonderful trip!



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China, Shanghai
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