The Tricky Business of Pet Travel to Australia

Hi PetRelocation,

I will be leaving Lebanon permanently for Australia in November, but I know that moving pets between these two countries is difficult. Given Australia's pet quarantine laws, what is the most streamlined way to move my cats? Is there a way to prevent them from having to stay in quarantine for months?

Hi Rasha,
Thank you for your question! You'll need to follow the guidelines as outlined by the official Australia government website concerning pet travel to Australia from a non-approved Category 2 or 3 country. As you'll see, you will need to fulfill part of the entry requirements in an approved Category 2 or 3 country at least 4 weeks prior to the date of intended export (meaning your cats' travel will involve going somewhere else before they can be admitted into Australia).
If you follow these steps correctly, your cats will just need to spend 10 days in quarantine upon arrival.
Please read over a few additional tips for pet travel, and feel free to reach out for a pet travel consultation if you have questions and think you'd like to hire some assistance.
Good luck!
Pet Travel Details:
Name: Rasha
From: Beirut, Lebanon
To: Melbourne, Australia
Pets: I have two cats, both two years old from a shelter. Both have up-to-date vaccinations and are microchipped.


PetRelocation Team





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