Tips for (and from) Expats: Moving Pets to Sydney, Australia

sydney, australiaExpat Resources Help Plan Smooth Relocations

It's true that conducting a Google search can sometimes feel like falling down a rabbit hole of confusing information, but plenty of quality content exists out there, as well.

We love coming across seasoned travelers, pet lovers, and expert bloggers online, so when we meet someone who encompasses all three of these dimensions, we can't help but share the details.

Recently an American-turned-Australian named Lauren contacted us about assisting her with some information for her blog, Sydney Moving Guide. Specifically geared towards people who are relocating to Sydney, Australia, this fun resource has the potential to be a great comfort to people moving Down Under.

If you're in need of housing advice, Visa information, money tips, or pet move details (we were happy to lend our thoughts on this topic), we encourage you to take some time to visit Sydney Moving Guide.

Do you have any city or country-specific websites that have helped you figure out your relocation? What are your favorite pet travel resources in general? Please share in the comments!

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