Top Pet Travel Destinations: UK Spotlight

UK Pet Travel Destination: UK

Congratulations on your upcoming move to the UK! Bringing your pet along with you will require careful planning, but we’re here to help. In our UK Pet Travel Spotlight series, our UK pet travel experts have answered the top questions and concerns that pet parents often have when taking on a pet move to the UK.

Take a look at the UK pet travel resources we’ve put together to start your journey on the right foot. We look forward to helping to make sure your pet’s relocation to the UK is an incredible experience!

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Part One: UK Pet Travel FAQs

You’re not the only one with questions. Most pet travelers start out with little experience or knowledge about going to the UK, and reading over these common, essential questions (and answers) will help you plan a streamlined trip.

Part Two: Understanding the UK Arrival Process

Did you know that once your pet has landed in the UK they’ll complete a customs clearance process at an animal reception center? Learn more before you go to help everything run smoothly.

Part Three: How to Travel to the UK from an “Unlisted” Country

UK pet travel can be tricky because import rules vary depending on your country of origin. Here’s what  to do if you’re coming from an “unlisted” country.

Part Four: 5 Common Misconceptions About Pet Travel to the UK

You may have come across some confusing or conflicting information about the rules for pet travel to the UK. Clear things up by taking a look at these common misconceptions.

Part Five: UK Pet Travel Stories

While planning an event as stressful as moving internationally with a pet, often nothing is more comforting than reading over tips and advice from someone who has gone through the same experience. Catch up with a few UK pet travelers and find out how their moves went. 


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