Traveling With a Pug to California

Hi PetRelocation,
I would like to know if any airlines transport pugs in the cargo compartment around Sept. 30. I know that traveling with this breed of pet can be a challenge and I've seen conflicting info in the web.

Any additional information that you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for submitting a question to us. You're correct that pugs can encounter restrictions when it comes to traveling, and we'd be happy to offer some ideas and guidance.

First, we often use United for our clients' pets because of their pet safe policies. They will fly pugs at certain times of the year (after Sept. 15 and before May 15) when the temperature does not exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the locations the pet will land, depart, or transit through.

It is also recommended that pugs fly in larger than normal crates, be well crate trained before the trip, and be given access to plenty of water (these last two are recommendations for all traveling pets, to be honest). Please read more about United's pet safe travel policies for more information.

It looks like you'll be traveling right at the end of the summer embargo and it's possible that it could still be pretty warm. We'd recommend discussing your options with a pet travel expert and/or formulating a back up plan in case it's too hot for Chucho to fly the day you want. Try booking a morning or evening flight if you can, as it will be cooler then, or consider pushing the trip back a few days in order to avoid possible complications.

If you're interested in hiring some assistance with your move and want to find out more about our door-to-door services, please fill out our online pet travel consultation form.

Finally, for reference here are the pet import requirements for California (since you're coming from Puerto Rico this can essentially be considered a domestic pet move) as well as a few tips for traveling with snub nosed pets.

Hope this helps to get you started, good luck!

Name: Michael
Estimated Move Date: 09-30-2016
Reason: Military Move
From: SJU, Puerto Rico
To: ONT, California
Pet: Chucho -- Pug, 6 years old


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United States, Puerto Rico
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