Traveling With Birds to the UK

Hi PetRelocation,
I want to relocate to the United Kingdom but am struggling to understand the requirements for birds and would appreciate clarification on the others. Is it just a microchip, passport and rabies vaccine for the dog and cats?

My challenges include understanding what exactly I need to do!! I like to be organized and I'm trying to estimate costs for relocating.
Hi Beth,
Thank you for your question -- getting organized a few months before a pet move is definitely a good idea!
The best source to refer to in this case is the official Defra website. Here you'll find an outline for bringing pets into the country as well as the contact information to use if you have questions. Digging deeper into the site, you'll find this guide for importing non-native animals into the UK
Additionally we'd like to offer this advice for shipping birds internationally, as moving birds requires acquiring the right travel crate and booking a bird friendly flight in addition to obtaining the correct permits, etc.
Please feel free to contact us for a pet travel consultation if you're interested in hiring some assistance with your move! We've helped several birds move across the world (including Tiger Rose and Kobe) and we'd be happy to talk to you about your options, as well.
Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Beth
Estimated Move Date: 01-03-2016
Reason: Work
From: Malta, EU
To: UK
Pets: Jimi (Dog, fox terrier mix, 9yrs, 10kg); Pudding (Cat, domestic, 4yrs, 3kg); Teddy (Cat, domestic, 1yr, 3kg); Henry (Bird, pacific parrotlet, 6 months)


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