Update: Australia Import Conditions & Quarantine Details

You may have heard about some of the significant changes implemented last month to the Australia pet import requirements. We reported a few weeks ago that the traditional 30-day quarantine has been shortened to 10 days (as of Feb. 3, 2014), thus making the transition to Australia a little easier for many pet owners.

There is another new distinction to keep in mind, however. Pet owners used to be able to visit their pets during quarantine, but now that the official stay has been reduced, this is no longer the case. Pet visitation is no longer permitted, but department staff have outlined detailed care procedures to assure pet owners that their animals will be well taken care of.

From the official Australia Department of Agriculture website:

Visiting: Under the current import conditions many animals undergo just 10 days in post entry quarantine. In this period departmental staff are focused on providing the care your animal needs, while managing the administrative and biosecurity requirements that prepare your animal for release. Due to the short quarantine period, visiting of animals in post entry quarantine is not permitted. If your animal remains in quarantine for longer than expected, visitation may be discussed with the manager of that facility

Exercise: Department of Agriculture staff will attend to your animal’s exercise needs during its time in quarantine. The kennel runs in the facilities are well set up, and provide most animals with adequate room to exercise within their run. Where veterinary advice recommends additional exercise is required, departmental staff will provide this.

Read more about moving pets to Australia, and be sure to contact us if you have questions about your upcoming relocation. We have a dedicated Oceania team who would be happy to assist!


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