Updated Pet Import Requirements for Guam

Name: Ben
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Doberman
From: UK, London
To: Guam

Dear PetRelocation,

I've just been given an incredible opportunity for work to take my family to Guam from 6 weeks to 3+ years to live in a fully air conditioned condo. I will be taking my dog's cool jackets and generally preparing her for the heat.

What would be the best way to get her there? I'm concerned about temperature and her being stuck in a crate for so many hours. She's as much family as one of us, so as far as long term moves go, if she stays I stay -- no job changes that!




Hi Ben,

Congratulations on the job offer! To get you started, here are the latest pet import requirements for Guam (you can also see them below). It will certainly take some time and effort on your part to plan a move here, but as a dedicated pet owner you're doing the right thing by starting early and seeking the help of experts.

It's natural to feel nervous about international pet travel, but here's what we recommend: Choose a pet friendly airline (we often use KLM, United and Lufthansa). Yes, it will be a long journey, but you can talk to a pet relocation specialist about preparing your dog and planning a route that will make the trip as safe as possible. We have moved pets to Guam, and would be happy to speak to you further.

In the meantime, it might help to read the most frequently asked pet travel questions -- as you can see, just about everyone starts out feeling uncertain about the prospect of moving a pet, but as you stated, there is no other option. Because they're part of the family, it's important to educate yourself and ask for help in order to plan the best trip possible.

Please contact us if you'd like to talk more about your move, and good luck!




Guam Requirements by PetRelocation.com


PetRelocation Team




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