World Pet Travel Trends: Pet-Friendly India is Home to Another Booming Pet Industry

Airlines, hotels, and businesses in the United States are increasingly adapting to the fact that people want to bring their pets with them when they play, work, and travel, and it looks like other parts of the world are adjusting their attitudes as well. According to the latest press, for example, India is a rising star when it comes to pet-friendly travel.

Recent news coverage of India has highlighted the fact that the country is becoming more and more animal-friendly in the form of pet-friendly resorts and hotels as well as increasingly specialized amenities and vacation packages. According to Euromonitor International, the pet industry in India is growing 10-15% every year and is now worth about Rs 450 crore (over $800 million).

According to the Hindu Business Line, more Indian residents are choosing to bring their pets with them on vacation because they can expect to find welcoming hotels and vacation rentals. Owners who know they'll have access to special pet meals, dog walking services, and helpful pet resources are much more excited about bringing their pets on holiday (Mahindra Homestays resort and the Indian Hotels Group were among the pet-friendly lodgings mentioned), so this strengthening trend makes sense. 

The Economic Times of India describes the pet business as "booming," and they highlight the luxury boarding services pet owners can more easily find these days. Expert analysts call India's pet industry the fastest growing in the world, and they estimate there are currently around 500 pet-friendly hotels in India ( has become a go-to travel site for pet owners searching for places to stay).


Pet train travel across India


From the relocation perspective, we do see a fair amount of pet-moving activity to and from India. Since the beginning of 2010, we have moved nearly 50 pets to India -- 28 dogs and 18 cats. Most of those moves were from the US (that's about a 7,790 mile trip, by the way), and it sounds like the surroundings these expats have found themselves in are becoming more welcoming and familiar by the day.

Is India reaching the top tier of pet-friendly countries? Which other nations are making room for four-legged friends in everyday life? We'll keep an eye on travel trends to see who continues to climb higher in the ranks, but it's easy to see that pet-friendliness is a trend that isn't confined to one particular place -- it's a worldwide attitude that's just growing stronger.

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