Relocating is always a challenge, and transporting pets during the summer can be especially tricky due to warm temperatures and busy airports.

Want to make sure your pet's upcoming journey goes as well as possible? Here are a few resources, smart tips, and helpful hints to keep you and your family on track this summer, no matter where life takes you.

#1: Summer Embargoes & Safety Tips

Remember that many airlines operate with temperature and breed restrictions during the summer, so avoid scheduling conflicts and confusion by learning more about how to safely navigate pet air travel during the summer.

#2: Crate Training Guidance

Both dogs and cats can greatly benefit from being introduced to their travel kennel well before the move. If they have a chance to acclimate to the crate (and maybe even grow to like it), their travel day will be much less stressful -- for them and for you.

Transporting Pets During Summer - Golden Retriever in Chicago


#3: Your Country's Import Rules

Import regulations vary from one country to the next, so take the time to learn what you'll be facing in terms of vet visits, vaccines and paperwork so that you can plan your pet's trip to best align with your own relocation.

#4: The Summer Pet Travel Checklist

Feel like you're just about ready? Look over this quick checklist to confirm that you've done all you can to be truly prepared.

#5: Meet Your Fellow Pet Travelers

Still feeling a little nervous? Want to read a few true (and encouraging) pet travel stories? Here are all the latest updates from our experienced, globetrotting clients.

Transporting Cats - Cat lounging on the couch


#6: Seek Out a Little Assistance

Finally, it's normal to start feeling overwhelmed at some point during your pet's move, so don't hesitate to ask questions, do some Googling, and learn how professional pet transport services may be a good fit for your needs.

Ready to partner with pet transport experts to make sure your pet's move runs smoothly? Contact us to set up a consultation.


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