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Managing Pet Travel to New Zealand

Name: Karina Number of Pets: 3 Pet Type: 2 Dogs, 1 Cat Pet Breed: Labrador, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Siamese From: United States To: New Zealand   Hi, I am looking at relocating back to New Zealand and want…

How to Transport Dogs to New Zealand

“How do I Arrange Safe Dog Transport to New Zealand?” Dear PetRelocation, I know New Zealand does not allow a direct import from Thailand to New Zealand, so my questions are: 1. Which country near New Zealand would they go to…

Questions About Chinchilla Travel

Transporting Chinchillas Internationally Hi PetRelocation, Can I bring my pets with me to New Zealand? Are Chinchillas allowed? Thanks, Vonique   Hi Vonique, Thanks for contacting us with your question. According to the official New Zealand Government website, Chinchillas can…

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