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What to Know About Bringing a Cat to the UK

Bringing your cat to the UK is possible to do safely and smoothly with the right preparation. By enlisting help where you need it and learning about the country’s import rules and best practices for pet travel, your cat can have a successful trip.

Also, we recommend taking a look at our simple guide to bringing dogs and cats to the UK for more insight on the process and import permits.

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Regulations for Importing Cats to the UK

Attention: Precise regulations vary from country to country, so be sure to double check with the appropriate authorities or with your PetRelocation Consultant to find the most current and accurate information available

The UK’s rabies free status means it operates with stricter import rules than many other countries. To start, here are a few things you’ll need for importing cats to the UK:

  • Microchip
  • Rabies Vaccination and Certificate
  • EU Health Certificate
  • Additional paperwork/endorsements depending on country of origin

Read more about the UK’s pet import requirements and find stories from pets who have moved to the UK on our UK Pet Travel Page.

Importing a cat into the UK also means following recommendations and requirements for all traveling pets, which include:

  • Having an airline approved travel kennel
  • Choosing a pet friendly airline
  • Setting up pet friendly housing before you move
  • Discussing any health questions with your vet before you travel

In general it’s recommended to allow at least 30 days of planning time when bringing a cat to the UK. Starting the process 1-3 months ahead of your desired departure date is ideal, as this allows plenty of time to organize all the details and deal with any unexpected challenges that may arise.

Note: PetRelocation does not advise shipping very young kittens, and it is our company policy to wait until cats are at least 16 weeks old before they fly. Read more about shipping kittens internationally

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