Dog Relocation Services

two large dogs relocating to a new home

How Professional Dog Movers Can Help

As you start to plan your upcoming dog relocation, it’s easy for the excitement of moving to become overshadowed by stress.

What are the import requirements? What kind of travel crate does your dog need? How will you get to the airport and what happens if the flight ends up being delayed?

By enlisting professional dog movers to assist you who are focused first and foremost on safety, you can remove much of the stress from the process and have more time to focus on your own logistics.

What do professional dog relocation services entail? Here’s a quick rundown of how we can help:

  • Advise on necessary vaccines and vet work

  • Arrange import permits and other government paperwork as needed

  • Recommend an airline approved travel crate and offer crate training tips

  • Book your dog’s flight on a pet friendly airline

  • Arrange transportation to and from the airport

  • Arrange boarding if necessary before or after the move

  • Arrange quarantine if needed

  • Track your dog’s flight and update you with any relevant information during transit

  • Create a contingency plan in the event of a flight delay or other unexpected complication

That last point is the most important: hiring dog movers means that in the case of a weather delay or other uncontrollable event, you’ll have professionals on hand ready to do what it takes to get your pet home as soon as possible. This often means re-booking a flight, finding an alternate route, or reserving an extra night of boarding, all the while making sure your dog is kept safe and comfortable.

Just like with human travel, pet travel doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Having an experienced professional to oversee your dog’s relocation, someone who is ready to deal with any challenges that may arise, is the primary reason many people choose to hire assistance.

Ready to start planning your dog’s move? Learn more about PetRelocation’s door-to-door services.

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