Moving to the Netherlands: Ruby and Taco’s Story

When Micheal and Rachel found out they were moving to Amsterdam, they were so excited! But then, the reality of moving their two dogs, Taco and Ruby, set in. There was a lot to do and it got confusing quickly. So, they decided to hire a professional. From the moment they started talking to PetRelocation, they felt a little more at ease. Here's their story! 

When we decided that we would be moving to Amsterdam from the U.S., our first thoughts were “how will we get our dogs over there safely? Will we be able to afford to get them there?” After spending large amounts of time researching travel options, we realized that trying to move them without professional assistance would be altogether not a realistic option. Between the flight booking, the foreign health certificate, and the different regulations and laws around the world for importing pets, we realized we could not do this alone.

A quick search brought us to PetRelocation, and after reading their website and reviews (plus a ton of independent research), we decided to set up a consultation and see if we could trust PetRelocation with our fur babies. Our sales consultant was Rachel Reed, and after patiently answering all of the myriads of questions we had (Rachel spent almost two hours on the phone with me, answering questions and providing information about the moving process), we felt very good about the level of care and service PetRelocation would provide for us. She gave us a quote right then and there during the initial consultation, which was surprisingly reasonable considering the task at hand. She even spent another hour on the phone with my wife who had a battery of additional questions.



Once we decided to move forward, the communication between PetRelocation and us was superb. All of our concerns were addressed right away. The communication was great! They worked with us and our veterinarian to get all of the necessary vaccinations and health inspections completed properly and promptly. They were able to provide us with tracking info for the pups during their transit and updated us with photos of them during their layover in Frankfurt. Finally, they contacted us to ensure that Ruby and Taco arrived at our new home safely and in good health. The staff and crew at PetRelocation really seemed to care about our pets, which is something to be said in this age of poor customer service and profit at all costs.


Taco at his layover in Frankfurt


If you are a pet owner that treats your pets like you would treat your children, as we are, I believe you will be very happy with the excellent service PetRelocation provides. Ruby and Taco are now settling in and getting accustomed to life in Amsterdam! 

If you and your pet need assistance traveling across the world, or across the country, reach out today! We'd love to be part of your adventure. While you're at it, make sure to tag us on Instagram to share your journey with the hashtag #MyPetRelocation! 


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