Moving Pets to Australia

Why Choose PetRelocation?

So you've decided to move down under. Adventure awaits! Relocating a pet to Australia is a very different process than the human move, which is why we provide all of the below assistance to make the pet portion a breeze so you can focus on the rest! Read below for a detailed description of what you get when you choose to work with PetRelocation, along with real stories from recent client experiences!

Before Your Move

  • Complimentary consultation with a pet relocation expert: whether your move is confirmed or you’re trying to understand the requirements for a country, our team of experts can provide advice and resources tailored to your pets’ needs.
  • Veterinary record review and communication: our team will ensure your veterinarian understands the paperwork, required credentials, and any other necessary items for import. 
  • On-call assistance and guidance before, during, and after all vet visits: our relocation coordinators manage an average of 190 vet visits per month, and stay up to date on regulatory changes so you and your vet don’t have to.
  • Scheduling and logistics: your pet’s comprehensive move timeline from first vet visit to home delivery can be customized by our team to suit your needs. This includes flight routing, pet pickup and delivery services, boarding, and application for required quarantine in Melbourne.
  • Boarding arrangements: If your pet is arriving to your new home after you, we coordinate with caretakers and boarding facilities to make sure everything is running smoothly even if you’re thousands of miles away.
  • Travel crate assessment and training guidance: your dedicated relocation expert will review the crate size necessary for your pet, ensuring comfort and airline approval at check-in so there are no surprise delays or issues. We’ll also provide assistance with crate training preparation to help relieve travel anxiety and set your pet up for success.
  • Handling and delivery of all required documents: RNATT, Import permit, and signed rabies certificate. This includes on-call services to ensure all endorsements are completed properly and your timeline remains intact.

During Your Move

  • Does your pet have special needs or medications? Our team communicates all of this with our agents at your points of travel to ensure your pet is kept as close to their normal routine as possible throughout their journey.

  • On the day of travel, a trusted PetRelocation partner will pick up and transport your pet to the airport, supervise TSA check-in. We recruit and train experienced animal handlers for local pickup and delivery so you can know your pet’s in good hands before, during, and after the flight.

  • Factors like weather and flight delays can unexpectedly change your pet’s travel plans: our experienced coordinators handle contingency planning often, and if necessary will be there for you and your pet to arrange a modified schedule should an unanticipated event occur—we’ve worked with pet owners during airline strikes, acts of nature, and other obstacles to make sure their furry family members had the best options.

  • Travel tracking: our client care team tracks each pet and keeps you informed throughout their journey, from pickup to delivery.

  • Layover and comfort stop services: our partners in many layover locations can provide peace of mind through photo updates while your pet is resting in preparation for the next leg of the trip.

  • Upon arrival, our team makes sure your pet is delivered to quarantine, and arranges post-quarantine destination services such as crate disposal (if needed), forwarding flights, and home delivery.

After Your Move

  • Those returning back from a work assignment or relocating again for any reason benefit from having previous vet records and history in one place—with us! Plus, pets moving back to their original home often get to reunite with partners who’ve moved them before!

  • Continued support: our clients and their pets are like extended family to us. If you have moving questions in the future, reach out to a consultant and let them know how we can help. We can often provide advice over the phone or resources through

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