Bringing Pets from Hong Kong to China | Part Two

Yesterday we told you about Kika, a 150 lb Newfoundland traveling from Hong Kong to mainland China. When we left off, her paperwork had been inspected, she had passed a physical exam, and she was headed to the airport. Kika's journey isn't over yet, though! Read on to find out about the rest of her pet travel adventure.

Once customs was cleared, it was time to head to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport for Kika’s flight to Shanghai.  The airport was about 45 minutes from the border, and our furry passenger did great on the ride over. First stop, the cargo terminal.
hong kong terminal

hong kong cargo terminal

The initial step in tendering any pet is the weigh-in and preparation of the flight documents.
cargo check-in 

hong kong cargo check-in

Next, it’s time to prepare the pet and travel crate.
travel crate

Here’s Kika being walked to her travel crate and given some pre-check-in TLC from her owners (she garnered quite the crowd response from the cargo crew).
honog kong onlookers

kika in her crate

It is required that crates for pets traveling within China be secured by a secondary source, in this case wiring, which our buddy Zhou Lee is applying.
readying the crate

Now that Kika’s crate is prepared and secure, it’s time for a mandatory x-ray check and loading preparation.
crate prep
Kika departed shortly thereafter and was reunited with her family in Shanghai. The entire trip was short, efficient, and most of all, safe!


We're not finished with our 2011 IPATA Conference coverage yet! Check back soon for more photos and information gathered by our visiting specialists.


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2011 and has been updated with new information.


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