COVID-19 and Pet Transport Services

A note to pet owners

As we monitor the coronavirus situation and changes impacting travel worldwide, one thing will remain constant (and has since Angie and I founded PetRelocation in 2004)—your pets are our priority.

Although we are currently unable to complete most pet moves due to this pandemic, our team is currently doing what we do best—problem solving. What does that mean for your pet’s upcoming move?

With the situation evolving daily and no specific timeframes to work from, we are unable to provide pet owners with confirmed move dates for their furry family members. 


Here are some things we do know

We will do everything we can to help you within our power at this time, even if it’s to get preliminary vet work done for a later date or answer questions.

This will end, and when it does, we anticipate a large influx of move requests—summer is always extremely busy for us, and with so many spring moves delayed, we expect a high demand for assistance getting pets worldwide where they need to go.

As a small team that prides itself on handling each pet move with the utmost care and attention to detail, we do have capacity limits in place to ensure each of our coordinators can give every pet and their humans an incredible experience from start to finish. This means we can only manage a certain number of moves per team, per month.


What can you do now, even while travel is halted?

Contact us!

Our team has been prepared to transition into working remotely to stay safe and healthy, and we are ready to assist you! 

Get a quote or book a Reservation

We are now accepting reservations to secure your pet’s move during our busy season, so we can guarantee our availability for your move and hit the ground running once this passes.

Stay Informed

As we continuously monitor the coronavirus situation, this post will be updated with international regulations and changes impacting pet travel.


We know this is a stressful time and we will do what we can to help. Together, we will get through this!


From our pet-loving team to yours,

Kevin O'Brien


PetRelocation Team


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