When you first walk into the PetRelocation headquarters in Austin, Texas, it’s obvious that this is no ordinary office. Banners are hanging on the walls, dogs greet you as you walk by and there’s a large gong in the middle of the office. It’s clear that you’ve stepped into somewhere special. 

Everyone here knows that this place is so much more than just a job. Here are five reasons we love working at PetRelocation!

Great Benefits and Leadership

You can tell just by the happy and smiling faces you see every day at the PetRelocation headquarters that the team here is valued. PetRelocation shows us this by not only offering an unlimited paid time off and fantastic health benefits but also showing us that they care about our health and interests outside of the office



The leadership team is dedicated to taking care of its employees. Each one of us is given a monthly learning stipend to explore other interests we may have outside of helping send pets all over the world. That’s not all! Other benefits that help us maintain a healthy work-life balance include company-sponsored wellness challenges, a generous parental leave, and paid holiday time (including our birthdays—how awesome is that?!)

Bring Your Pet To Work

It’s a fact. Having your pets in the office boosts morale and decreases stress. Well, then we are in luck here at PetRelocation, because we have office pets in abundance! Having pets in the office has proven to reduce stress, increase job satisfaction and help with employee communication!



This can also help our employees when their pets may be going through a time when they need a little extra attention. “When my dog Teddy needed surgery, my veterinarian told me he would need to be monitored constantly while he recovered.” Katy, our social media engagement specialist explained. “I was really worried about how we were going to keep an eye on him during the workday.” Luckily, Katy was able to bring Teddy into the office while he recovered (while enjoying lots of treats and pets from the staff). “I don’t know what I would have done otherwise!”

Amazing Company Culture

When it comes down to it, PetRelocation has an amazing group of employees who easily facilitate an office culture of friendly and very smart pet lovers. We not only work hard, but we also come together and make sure to recognize each other and celebrate just as enthusiastically. We make sure to recognize when there are weddings, new family members, birthdays and anniversaries. 
Another way this amazing group of people lives out outstanding culture is by giving back to the community. For instance, we love volunteering! We make it a priority to support local charities by volunteering with organizations giving back to the community.



Austin, Texas and the Freedom to Work Remotely 

If there’s one thing the staff loves it’s our home of Austin, Texas. 

If you ever come and visit, you and your pets will love the abundance of dog-friendly activities. Perhaps you want to keep your trip healthy by visiting one of our many yoga studios or taking Fido for a walk on the Greenbelt. Or maybe you’re taking a different route by sampling all the amazing queso and margaritas Austin has to offer. This city has something for everyone. Make sure to stop in and say hi when you’re in town! 

But, we understand sometimes life takes you on adventures and you need to relocate. Luckily, PetRelocation also allows employees to work remotely when needed.



Reuniting Pets with their Families! 

As you can tell, the PetRelocation staff is a group of supportive, fun and caring people who love pets. That is especially important when it comes to reuniting families after a long journey. It’s the reason we’re here and honestly, the most rewarding experience any of us have experienced. 
Our team has the most impressive customer service in the industry (which you can read about here) and we are so proud of the work we do to reunite your pets with you in what can be an exciting, scary, and stressful time. When asking our HR team why people are drawn to working at PetRelocation, Celia, our HR Coordinator ponders, “I think it’s because it’s purpose-driven work. Helping people in need while educating the world on the safety of animals during transit is very appealing for people who want to help”.



“It’s so true,” says Natalie, a senior international relocation coordinator. “My dogs are my life. Being part of PetRelocation means I get to help people who feel the same way about their pets… what’s cooler than that?”
We couldn’t agree more.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to help pets relocate safely across the world? If so, make sure to check our careers section for current job openings. You can also see what PetRelocation is up to by following us on Instagram!


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