How to Keep Pets Warm When Traveling

cat with a scarf traveling as manifest cargoTips for Keeping Pets Warm During Winter Travel

If the winter weather worries you about comfort levels during pet transport, here are some tips for keeping your furry friends toasty and comfortable during their pet shipping experience.

Use a pet-friendly airline.

We can't repeat this enough -- using pet-friendly airlines is the best way to ensure that your pets are kept in climate-controlled, pressurized conditions for their entire trip. This is not only important in the summer months, when extreme temperatures can cause heat stroke and dehydration for traveling pets, but also during the winter.

Pets, when left outside for long periods in the cold weather, can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite — just like humans. Younger and older pets are especially at risk. PetRelocation works with pet-friendly airlines to ensure your pet never sits on the tarmac in the cold.

Pay attention to grooming.

Grooming your pet regularly can help keep them warm during the cold winter. Matting of their hair can prevent it from providing enough warmth like it should, so regular combing and trimming can go a long way. We recommend keeping pets well-groomed in the summer, as it allows their bodies to cool properly. If your pet is traveling, avoid sending them with coats or sweaters, as they can be a choking hazard if they become entangled.


Talk to your veterinarian about possible options to help prevent dry or itchy skin. In our experience, B-complex vitamins available at pet stores or keeping pets' skin oiled with various pet lotions can be helpful. Derma-IonX by VETiONX is a great, all-natural solution that relieves and prevents dry and itchy skin.

Treat your pet to thermal layers. 

Use thermal blankets to keep your pet warm without adding too much bulk to their travel crate. These blankets help your pet retain warmth and stay cozy during the travel experience. Make sure to check with your airline to ensure that they allow the use of blankets in the travel crate.


Find out more about planning safe winter pet shipping and contact us to discuss your pet travel options. 


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in January 2010 and has been updated with new information.



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