Pet Friendly Airline Series: A Look at KLM

Worldwide airline carrier Air France-KLM (also referred to as Royal Dutch Airlines) has a long history of serving customers and functions as one of the top choices for international pet travelers thanks to its pet-friendly policies and on-the-ground amenities that make all the difference.

In the past we've covered the basics (how to book a flight on KLM, "Behind the Scenes at KLM"), but here's another quick overview of what this airline offers to pet travelers.

-KLM has actually been flying with pets for over 90 years, and when they merged with Air France in 2004, the pet program was able to expand to cover more ground than ever.

-What often interests pet travelers most about this airline is the Air France-KLM Cargo Animal Hotel, located in the Amsterdam International Schiphol airport. This large, modern facility is a welcome sight for animals in transit, as it offers pets the chance to eat and drink, get a little exercise and enjoy some rest -- all in the care of well-trained animal professionals.

-KLM Cargo is part of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), so pets flying with this carrier can enter the UK without going into quarantine (provided the pet traveler meets all other requirements).

-As far as pricing goes, fares will depend on your destination and also on the size of your pet.

-Remember to make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance, and check the KLM pet travel guidelines to determine if your pet will travel in the cabin, in the ventilated baggage area or as cargo.

-In addition to transporting household pets, KLM Cargo has moved zoo animals, horses and other exotic species.

As always, if you have any questions be sure to contact PetRelocation for some help with arranging your move.


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