Pet Move Customer Story: Tom & Kathy’s Move to India

Name: Aditya

Pets: Tom & Kathy

From: Canada

To: India


Hello Amber,

We have moved into our new home with the kitties, and we are so glad to be together. The smile on my son's face says it all. We did everything here at our new home to make Tom and Kathy feel comfortable and secure.

As I now sit back and think of the move, at first we were totally clueless and were just not sure where to begin. I started looking for pet movers and I called at least five of them, including your company. I went through the online reviews of each, but I was completely convinced after talking to Sarah that your company would be the right one for my pets' move. I placed my trust in your company and I was not let down by you.

There was not a single instance where I felt that the job could have been done better. Right from the time my kitties were picked up from my Windsor home to the moment we were back with our kitties in Bangalore, everything looked perfect to me. It was not only the planning but also the execution that made this all go by as a smooth process. I am pretty sure that, though it looked smooth to me, there was a lot of hard work that went in to it, and I really appreciate everything you did.

Thank you so much for everything you did. I now know of the company that I am going to refer to anyone who is looking for a pet relocating company... PetRelocation it is!

Best Regards,


PetRelocation Team





Canada, India
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