Pet Travel Story: Update on a Cat Move to India!

Incredible Experiences: Checking In With Buddy and Xena

It has been over a year since we moved out cats, Buddy and Xena, to Bangalore. Prior to the move, I had been struggling with what to do with our cats. I didn't want to return them to a shelter, and my family lived too far away and already had too many pets to take them in. So in the end, we decided to bring them with us.

I am so glad that we did! PetRelocation was so helpful in guiding us through all the veterinary visits and paperwork required. Their agents were always easily accessible any time of day when I had questions. All employees that I encountered during the transportation of our cats (by car to New York city, two flights on Lufthansa, by car again from Chennai to Bangalore), whether in person or via email messages, reassured me that our cats would be well taken care of. I quickly realized that all of their employees were doing this work because they love animals.

Today our cats are doing great! I was cautious about letting them roam outside at first, but after having them get out a couple of times without incident, we decided to let them be outdoor cats. We have found a great veterinary clinic close by who have helped us with a couple of illnesses/injuries. One word of caution to those moving to India - be aware of what floor cleaner is being used when mopping the floor. Phenol-based cleaner made one of our cats sick. After a week or so (and a couple of trips to the vet) he was all better.

If you are struggling with the decision to move your pets, please consider this service. It is well worth it to have your pets follow you on your journey!

Pet Travel Details

Name: Miranda
Pets' Names: Buddy and Xena
From: Rochester, NY
To: Bangalore, India

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