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Employee Spotlight: Kelcey Schafer

Kelcey is one of our International Relocation Coordinators and her specialty is overseeing routes like India to Hong Kong and the Philippines to Malaysia—trips that can be a little more challenging than your average move.  This means not…

Cross Country Pet Travel and COVID -19

COVID-19 has affected people traveling with their pets all over the world. However, it may come as a surprise to you that our furry clients traveling domestically, within the United States, have experienced some of the biggest setbacks. While PetRelocation…

Pet News Round-Up: Travel Solutions and Lovable Rescues

Ground Transportation is a phrase that many pet parents have learned in 2020. With many airlines restricting departures and arrivals to a select few airports, and with major domestic airlines canceling their pet programs, more families are taking road trips with…

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