International Dog Shipping Service

What to know about transporting dogs overseas

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when moving your dog internationally, which is why it makes sense to consider a dog transport service to help manage all the details.

Just getting started? Here’s what you should know about the international dog shipping process.  

Country Import Requirements

Every country has different import requirements, so start by doing a little research to find out more about the process your dog will need to stick to. Find your country import rules here.

Your Dog’s Vaccination Status

At the very least your dog will need have an updated rabies vaccine, and depending on where you’re going additional vaccines and possibly a rabies titer test may also be needed. Check with your vet to find out your dog’s vaccine status so that you can start to plan accordingly.

Your Timeline (Is It flexible?)

Once you know your approximate move date you can start to build a timeline for your dog’s travel preparations. International dog transport usually requires at least one to three months of planning time, but if you’re going to Australia, New Zealand or another rabies-free nation, you will probably need at least six months to get your dog ready.

Travel Crate

Not only do you need an airline-approved travel crate for your dog, it needs to be the right size and ideally your dog is used to spending time in it. This means there’s work to do if you don’t have a travel crate yet, and it’s never too early to get started.


Does your dog need a microchip? Maybe, and even if it’s not required we do recommend it. Again check the import requirements that apply to you and consider microchipping your dog either way.

How Can an International Dog Transport Service Make Life Easier?

For dog owners moving internationally for the first time, understanding the rules and processes involved with shipping their dogs overseas can quickly become a time consuming and stressful experience.

By hiring professionals who specialize in handling safe pet travel logistics, you can feel confident that your dog will be taken care of and you’ll have more time to focus on your own move logistics.  

Learn more about how PetRelocation can help.

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