Expert International Dog Shipping: Overseas Pet Transport Services

Understanding International Dog Shipping

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when moving your dog internationally, so it makes sense to consider a dog transport service to help manage all the details.

Just getting started? Here’s what you should know about the international dog shipping process.

Key Considerations for Overseas Dog Transport

  • Country Import Requirements: Every country has different import requirements. Start by researching the process your dog will need to adhere to. [Find your country's import rules here.].
  • Your Dog’s Vaccination Status: Your dog will need an updated rabies vaccine. Additional vaccines and possibly a rabies titer test may be needed depending on the destination. Check with your vet to plan accordingly.
  • Your Timeline (Is It flexible?): International dog transport requires at least one to three months of planning. For rabies-free nations like Australia or New Zealand, allow at least six months.
  • Travel Crate: You need an airline-approved travel crate of the right size. Ensure your dog is comfortable in it. Start crate training early.
  • Microchip Microchipping your dog is recommended, even if not required. Check import requirements and consider microchipping your dog .

How Can an International Dog Transport Service Make Life Easier?

For first-time dog owners moving internationally, understanding the rules and processes of shipping dogs overseas can be stressful.

By hiring professionals who specialize in safe pet travel logistics, you can feel confident in your dog's care and focus on your move logistics.

[Learn more] about how PetRelocation can help.

Need help with international dog shipping? Learn more about how PetRelocation can help.

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