2015 In Review: Incredible Experiences (Part One)

It was another busy year at PetRelocation, and as 2015 draws to a close, we're taking a look back at some of the memorable pet moves (a.k.a Incredible Experiences) we were lucky enough to be a part of.

Here's a look at the PetRelocation Pet Moves of the Month from the first half of the year (stay tuned for Part Two).




January: Lucy's Move to Hong Kong

It's always exciting to help pets move to Hong Kong (and we love seeing the great pictures of pets settling in here). Case in point: Lucy looks like she's having an excellent time in her new home.


fred & wilma

February: Fred & Wilma's Trip to Japan

These returning clients are now traveling pros after relocating to Japan early this year. Find out more about these cool cats.



March: Kobe the World Traveling Conure

One of our most memorable moves this year was a bird relocation from South Africa to the United States. This beautiful conure is "handsome and he knows it," says his mom. He's quite the world traveler, too -- this was his second big move with us.



April: Kuro's Journey to Australia

Kuro's mom was excited to move to Australia but nervous about how her precious pup would do on the journey. Good news: they both managed everything, including quarantine, just fine.



May: Duke's Homecoming to the USA

When Duke's military mom was ready to come home to the states after being in Germany for a bit, we stepped in to assist with the last leg of the big trip.


June: Two Dogs and a Cat to Alaska

Bringing pets from Indonesia to Alaska is no easy task, but Ashes, Lilly and Cinders were ready for the trip. Here's a look at how they did on their long journey.


Want to meet a few more amazing pets? Check out Part Two of our 2015 in Review.

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