A Big Fur-Family Moves to the UK!

Big pet families are great! Lots of love and cuddles for everyone. However, when you're trying to move internationally, it can also mean lots of stress. That's okay! You can always rely on PetRelocation to help. Here's the story of five pets we had the pleasure to move to the UK much to their fur-mom's relief! 

Moving my 5 pets to the UK from Mexico is the most stressful and worrying thing I ever thought I'd have to go through. I had so many questions, so many doubts, so many times asking myself, "is it worth moving at all?!" Should I even take them with me? A cat on a plane? Will she be okay?

4 dogs shipped to United Kingdom one cat and four dogs traveled to the United Kingdom

Then, Rebecca from PetRelocation came along and answered all my questions (and trust me, there were a lot) in the kindest and most supportive way.  Her answers were opportune, clear, and actually calming like the one I asked about the characteristics of the cargo space in the plane. All the team that supported PetRelocation locally sent continued updates and photos where my pets looked calmed and even smiling which made the days easier until I met them again.

five pets in their travel crates to fly to the UK

I'm extremely thankful and if I move again I'll definitely use PetRelocation!

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