Moving Pugs During a Pandemic: Peppa and Rolo’s Story

Some breeds are just harder to travel with. That's what dog mom, Sarah, found out when she first set out to move her pet pug in 2014. So, six years and one new furbaby later, she called PetRelocation when it was time for a new adventure. Then, the pandemic hit and the family was separated. Luckily, with PetRelocation on her side, the whole family is now happily reunited. Here's their story! 

When we first decided to return to the UK after 20 years of living overseas, we knew it would not be easy to move with our two pugs, Rolo and Peppa. When we moved from Buenos Aires to Kuala Lumpur 6 years ago with Rolo, it was a challenging move due to Malaysia's high temperatures and Rolo being a snub-nosed dog. PetRelocation managed his move brilliantly so it was only natural that we got in touch about our latest move. 

We had everything planned, and then COVID hit. If moving with pugs was hard before, moving them in the middle of a pandemic seemed impossible. We were heartbroken having to leave them with friends when we left in July even though we knew they were being loved and well cared for. 

Rebecca, our relocation coordinator, was just amazing from start to finish. She kept us informed and was so kind and caring. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes with multiple re-routings, flight cancellations, and a never-ending barrage of complications. Rolo and Peppa even made it to the airport with everything booked on one occasion but were sent back home as the second flight was cancelled by the airline. Rebecca took this in her stride, was there for us through our tears, and worked to rearrange everything all over again.

Relocation coordinator, Rebecca

Finally, after 4 months apart, our babies arrived on British soil and were brought up north to us. They ran out of their crates and into our arms, unfazed by their almost 50-hour journey from door to door. They've been with us for 2 weeks now and have settled in so well, although they're not too sure about the cold weather.

Thank you Rebecca and the PetRelocation team for bringing our babies home. We will be forever grateful. 

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