Reuniting Families During a Pandemic: Luna’s Story

The pandemic has been a scary time for many. We have encountered so many loving pet parents who have no idea when or how they'll be able to reunite with their beloved animals. Take Luna, for example. Her parents had to leave China when COVID-19 started to spread without their pup. It took a lot of hard work, but the PetRelo team got them back together! Here's her story.  

In February of 2020, my husband and I were unable to return to our home in China due to COVID-19. We were separated from our chihuahua Luna was stuck in China due to the pandemicdog, Luna. When it became clear we would not be able to return, I asked for recommendations from everyone I knew for ways to get her to us. Of the places that we contacted, PetRelocation, specifically Sarah and Kelcey, were responsive, realistic, and empathetic. They were upfront about the challenges of reuniting Luna with us during the pandemic, where other companies were not.  They addressed all my concerns promptly and pivoted when we needed to change our move plan from one country to another. 

Throughout it all, Kelcey provided me with weekly updates with the latest news about the possibility of moving Luna. That effort did not go unnoticed over the nearly half-a-year it took to get everything moving. When the time finally came to move Luna, everything went smoothly. Kelcey communicated with me throughout each leg of her journey, and I felt confident I had made the right decision. Luna arrived happy, clean, and clearly well cared for. The person who met Luna at the airport had obviously made a connection with her, and it was nice to know that she was in the care of people who so clearly loved animals. I hope that I will never have to move under such trying circumstances again; if I do, I will happily use PetRelocation’s services. 

Thanks for trusting us with your furbaby! It was our pleasure to see her home safely. 
If you're planning a move with your pet and need some help, let us know! 


PetRelocation Team


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