Two Large Dogs Move to Germany: Freya and Odin’s Story

COVID-19 continues to affect travel plans, but luckily PetRelocation is here to help! When Michele needed to relocate to Germany, she had to temporarily leave her pups behind. But, since she called PetRelocation we made sure they were reunited with their pawrents as quickly as possible. Here's what Michele had to say.

We were moving our two sweet but large dogs from San Antonio to Germany. Freyja and OdiTwo large dogs, Freya and Odin, reunited with their family in Germanyn, the German shepherd and Catahoula mix. Both had to be in a kennel for four weeks before being delivered to Germany. So, PetRelocation worked with the kennel to get them situated. This was October 2020 so COVID-19 was impacting all the flights badly.

Natalie at PetRelocation kept us informed at every step and was very responsive to any questions had. Natalie had to rebook the flights and USDA requirements and also extended the kennel stay. Natalie did an amazing job and provided superior customer service with all the changes. We got our sweet doggies delivered all healthy, safe, and happy. Thank you, Natalie!

We're so happy you called! 
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