A Pet Travel Story for English Bulldog Owners

Incredible Experiences: Shipping an English Bulldog Safely to Senegal

I chose PetRelocation after researching for hours online. After reading reviews and their Facebook page, I felt comfortable using them to help me fly Gareth to Africa!

I know any English bulldog owners can relate -- the nerves of flying a snub nose dog can be nerve wrecking, but PetRelocation Specialists were so helpful in making sure he would be comfortable before his take off.

It snowed when Gareth was suppose to leave so his flight got cancelled. PetRelocation gave me a heads up prior to cancellation and told me what Plan B was going to be. Next thing I know, I received a phone call and email with his new flight details and everything. That was very helpful.

Gareth was put in an air conditioned room before his flight and made it safely to Dakar. My husband was there to greet him and got him out of his crate within an hour from landing!

He is adjusting well and is enjoying the beaches here. PetRelocation was great with handling everything and made it so much easier for us.

Thank you,


Pet Transport Details:

Name: Thy
Pet's Name: Gareth
From: Washington, D.C.
To: Dakar, Senegal

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