A Small Dog’s Move to Ukraine: Taiga’s Story

Even the most seasoned traveler may be a little overwhelmed when handling the many moving pieces of relocating overseas. When you add in the extra elements of a global pandemic, it can seem impossible. We're here to help! That's what Taiga's family found. Read his story here! 

My husband works for the US State Department, and when we got orders to move to Ukraine we searched State message boards for tips on moving with a puppy. PetRelocation was mentioned enthusiastically and positively by diplomats who’ve moved all over the world with their pets. Reading their comments convinced us that PetRelocation could tackle getting our puppy, Taïga, to Kyiv.

Unfortunately, we had a few hurdles, first and biggest, the pandemic. Flights were few and of the ones that were flying some were getting canceled. Second, Taïga needed to wait in the US until 90 days after his rabies titer was taken.

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From the start, Kelcey was amazing. She reached out with carrier tips, pet move explanations, and guidance regularly. She also included my sister who was watching Taïga in the US. At one point the Ukrainian customs team said Taïga’s final vet exam had to be certified no less than 24 hours before his flight. With USDA offices changing hours due to the pandemic this felt like an unusually difficult requirement. But Kelsey took it in stride and figured out how to manage without stressing us out at all. She was warm, calm, and amazing each step of the way. I knew I could always call her—even from Kyiv—if there were a problem.

Something difficult to describe but that stands out is that I felt like Kelsey loved knowing that Taïga made it to us, she really understands pets and their people. 

Do you have questions about moving with your pets? Let us know! We'd love to assist you. And make sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the adorable pets, like Taiga here, that are always on the move with #PetRelocation! 


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