An Unexpected Journey: Tiny Moves Across the Country

Life doesn't always go according to plan. That's what Alex found out when a kitty she'd once cared for was now in need. However, they weren't sure how to get Tiny to their new home many miles away. After some research, they found PetRelocation. Here's their story. 

We used your service during a very difficult time for us. A foster kitty we had taken care of at 3 weeks old was dropped off at a kill shelter almost two years after being adopted. We immediately wanted to rescue him but had since moved out of state. After we got the kitty out of the shelter, we needed to find a way to bring him to our home 2,400 miles away. We connected with Allie and she was absolutely amazing. She was very empathetic and addressed all of our ongoing concerns. She walked us through the process and the pricing. The service was worth EVERY penny.

Tiny the cat was rescued

After Allie took us through the initial process, we were assigned our relocation coordinator, Mandy. Mandy was also amazing. She was very responsive and kept us to date on every step of our kitty's relocation. Our kitty is now home and thriving and we owe it all to these two amazing ladies.

Thank you for all your help! Your service truly changes lives.

Do you have questions about moving with your pets? Let us know! We'd love to assist you. And make sure to follow us on Instagram to see all the adorable pets, like Tiny here, that are always on the move with #PetRelocation! 


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