An Unexpected Move: Duncan and Pandora’s Story

Moving pets internationally is hard. Moving pets internationally during a pandemic is even harder! But, when you have PetRelocation on your side, you have a helping hand there to give you a little peace of mind. That's what Duncan and Pandora's family found out when they moved with us this year. Here's their story! 

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we were forced to move from Dublin, Ireland back home to South Carolina with our two elderly pets during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything was chaotic and difficult to plan for and constantly changing. However,  the two people we worked with —Rachel Reed and Rebecca Galvan— were incredibly helpful and reassuring the entire way through. In the weeks preceding the move, I felt confident everything was being handled on the logistical end. During the actual move, I always knew exactly where my pets were & how they were faring. Rebecca went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable with the move plan. 


Pandora the black cat moved to IrelandDuncan the Scottish terrier moved to Ireland

Moving with pets is not easy. Moving internationally with pets is really not easy! Moving internationally with pets in the midst of a global pandemic is even harder, but thanks to Rachel and Rebecca, we were as comfortable with the process as we could possibly be, and we even got a little sleep during the 48-hour period when the pets were out of our care & out there in the big, scary world. Thank you SO much to the team at PetRelocation. 

You are so, so welcome! 
Moving live animals is a challenge, but we understand that pets are family and the family needs to stay together! If you're starting to consider a move with your pet, let us know what questions you have. 



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