Bailey’s Pet Move Story: ‘Xie Xie PetRelocation’

dogIncredible Experiences: Bailey's Move Home From China

We spent three years in China, where we adopted a black lab puppy. When returning to the US, our company put us in contact with PetRelocation.

Any move across the world is stressful, but we were particularly concerned about the health and safety of our little girl, Bailey.

PetRelocation walked us through the entire process and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable about Bailey getting the proper care needed. We chose to send her on a direct flight from Shanghai to Newark (a 14-hour flight).

PetRelocation coordinated the pickup from our apartment that morning and gave her exercise before the flight and as soon as she landed. They then transported her to our family's house in Connecticut and also stopped to let her out on the way.

As soon as she got out of the car, she was a very happy puppy and we could tell she was very well taken care of.

We would highly recommend PetRelocation services to anyone! They are very professional, passionate, and experienced so you will not have to worry whether your family is getting the best care possible.



Note: Bailey moved last fall and her family sent us this update the other day. Since they've been back in the States they had a baby (see Bailey's new little sister above) and Bailey has had the chance to see snow for the first time! Great pet move, great story.

Pet Transport Details:

Name: Patrick
Pet's Name: Bailey
From: Shanghai, China
To: Connecticut, US


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