Balto’s Move: Dog Transport to Russia

BaltoThanks to Balto's family for sharing their move story with us!

When we first decided to move to Moscow we knew that moving our husky, Balto, would be an important part of the process. We immediately thought of PetRelocation, since we had worked with them before and they'd been great.

Since Balto had to wait at least 30 days after a being vaccinated, we traveled ahead and left him in the care of some good friends. We started setting up our new apartment and slowly settling in, but missed him terribly and couldn't wait to get him to our new home.

A little over a month went by, and we were slowly adjusting to our new life in cold Moscow. When the week of Balto's travel finally arrived, we felt a bit on edge since it was his first time traveling by air and he can get nervous and stressed in certain environments.



PetRelocation's consultant, Kelcey, who had helped us organize every last detail of the trip, kept us constantly updated (with pictures!) on Balto's status and helped ease our minds. Everything went smoothly and Balto was home before we knew it!

My favorite part of the whole move was seeing the reunion between Balto and our toddler, who just LOVES him. They were both so happy and excited to see each other, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since!

Balto and family


It's been almost three weeks since Balto arrived in Moscow, and he's settling in well. He was happy to find his bed and favorite toys in our new apartment, which has helped ease his transition.

He loves being outside, so he enjoyed the last weeks of the long Russian winter and now the first days of warm weather. He's really liking his multiple daily walks, and loves chasing pigeons in one of the many nearby parks.

Thank you,

Daniela & Family


Pet's Name: Balto

Company: Whirlpool Corp.

From: Varese, Italy

To: Moscow, Russia


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PetRelocation Team


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