Bird Travel Spotlight: Cross-Country Cockatiels

Relocating your flock and not sure where to start? We have helped thousands of pets move across the country and the world, including birds. Read below for one pet owner's experience getting her six Cockatiels from New York to California with PetRelocation's help!

Moving is always a "process". Having pets makes it more so, and I was concerned about how to get my birds across the country safely.

PetRelocation got my family's flock of six cockatiels through a cross country move. They were a bit ruffled after their long day (aren't we all on travel days?!), but settled in just fine. I hope we'll not have to make this kind of move again any time soon, but if we do, we'll definitely work with Pet Relocation again to get the feathered kids to our destination safely.


PetRelocation Team


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