Bringing Cats to New Zealand: Malai and Chandi’s Pet Travel Story

two catsIncredible Experiences: Malai & Chandi's New Zealand Move

When we decided to move to New Zealand, leaving the cats behind was not an option. So, I started researching what was required to make their relocation possible. We were lucky to find PetRelocation during our online search, and even luckier that they happened to be based in Austin.

I gave PetRelocation a call, and discussed the process in detail with them. Paul was quite knowledgeable on the process, and gave good advice on what needed to be done before we had even got a contract in place.

After receiving a line-item quote, we realized that the fees being charged were very reasonable and definitely worth it. After meeting with Paul and Linda, we decided to move forward with using PetRelocation.

Linda was very thorough during the entire process, guiding us on when to schedule appointments, coordinating with our vet, and making sure that all requirements were met on time. She definitely knew what she was doing at every stage of the move.

two cats in travel kennels

Our cats are very shy and timid, but with Linda's advice we were able to ensure that they acclimated to their travel kennels and were prepped for the travel.

Penney and her crew picked up the cats on their departure day (we had the cats already in the kennels), and took them to the Austin airport, from where they flew to LAX via Houston. They were housed overnight at a pet hotel and also had a final vet appointment. The next morning they had their USDA endorsement and were on the flight to Auckland later that night.

Their travel from Austin to Wellington took well over two days, but Linda kept us updated throughout, with emails and even pictures. The cats arrived in Wellington and spent 10 days in mandatory quarantine. When we picked them up, they were happy enough to see us, although it took them a couple of days to settle down in our new apartment.

two cats

They are doing quite well now, and whenever we are ready to move back to the US, we are definitely calling PetRelocation!

Thanks Linda, Paul, Penney and the rest of the PetRelocation crew!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Fatima
Pets' Names: Malai & Chandi
From: Austin, TX
To: Wellington, New Zealand

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