Claire’s Move to Prague: Cat Shipping to the Czech Republic

Cat transport to Czech Republic Thanks to Claire's owners for choosing us to assist with her move! Here's more about their relocation.

Moving is a lot of work, and it requires a great deal of planning and patience. A simple move across town can be stressful, let alone across a country or an ocean.

When we had the opportunity to move to the Czech Republic, we were excited and spent months planning our relocation. The one thing that was clear from the beginning was that we were taking our cat, Claire, with us. We have had her since the age of 4 months, when she was small enough to fit in the palm of our hands, and we are the only family she has ever known.

However, we soon realized that an international move with a pet is a daunting task; there were too many connections, too much paperwork, and too many opportunities to make a mistake that could bar her entry into our new home. With that in mind, we began looking for a company that we could trust to move our most vulnerable family member to Prague. After a lot of research, and a lot of emails and phone calls to multiple companies, we decided that PetRelocation was the company best suited to move Claire. We were not disappointed.

From our first contact with the company, Catie Cox and Sandhya Ganesha were simply stellar. Catie did an exceptional job explaining the process from beginning to end, including all of the paperwork, EU regulations, the type of crate Claire would require, and what she would experience on her trip. Catie brought up rules and procedures that we had no idea even existed and surely would have missed had we tried to do the work ourselves.

Claire the cat reunited with family in Czech Republic


When the move began in earnest Sandhya was a rock; she was there whenever we had a question or concern, knew every procedure, every quirk, and even managed to tame the staff at our veterinarian’s office. Sandhya (and her backup Katy) were in contact with us within an hour of Claire being picked up at the vet, and at each subsequent step of her journey.

They sent updates throughout her trip, including pictures and feedback from the people caring for her. There was not a moment during this process when we were concerned about Claire’s well-being, and we were rewarded with our girl being delivered to our door in Prague. Claire even decided to forgive us!

Mr. O’Brien has assembled a truly exceptional and dedicated staff that you can trust with moving your furry family, even when it’s halfway around the globe.

Thank you,

Ed and Jodi


Pet's Name: Claire

From: Las Vegas, NV, USA

To: Prague, Czech Republic


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PetRelocation Team


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