Cat Travel Story: Louie and Tilly’s Move to the United Kingdom

Incredible Experiences: A Successful Move to London!

My husband and I moved from Chicago to London and we brought our two cats with us. PetRelocation was recommended to us from a coworker.

Two cats relocate to Europe

They were highly recommended and they didn't disappoint! They gave us a clear timeline of when we needed to have our carriers, when to take our two cats to the vet, and when and where we would drop them off at the airport.

Our relocation coordinator made sure that we had all of the necessary paperwork in order and she also gave us links to track the cats' flight to London. She quickly answered all of our questions and reassured us that they were in good hands.

Cat Travel to London, United Kingdom

When we picked up our cats at the airport they were scared, but they were taken care of -- we were informed when they ate and last went to the bathroom.

We brought them to our new flat and they were feeling at home quickly! We would definitely use PetRelocation in the future!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Harmony
Pets' Names: Louie and Tilly
From: Chicago, Illinois, United States
To: London, England, United Kingdom

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