Cat Travel to Hong Kong: Buddy’s Move

buddy the catIncredible Experiences: Buddy's Relocation from Georgia to Hong Kong

In brief, I was horrified at the idea of what my cat was going to have to go through during this relocation, but Evelyn and Nina were extremely sensitive, thorough, professional -- any good word that I can think of! 

Your company can be proud of its employees and proud of its capacity to have provided us with exactly what we needed, and personally I found that when I needed them most for reassurance or for details that were improperly handled by my veterinarian, they allowed me to voice my fears and insecurities and made me feel better every single time I asked them about anything. 

Whatever you're paying them, these wonderful people are worth more to your company than you might realize. They were quietly magnificent!  I'll never forget the help they gave me during this extremely difficult move. I can't say enough good things about them -- seriously. 

Thank you so much.



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Wes
Pet's Name: Buddy
From: Georgia, United States
To: Hong Kong


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