Cat Travel to the US: Eins and Vier’s Move from Greece

Congratulations, Vier and Eins! These two kitties moved all the way from Greece to Washington, D.C. Here's an update from their owner about the journey.

I was very nervous to move back to the US from Europe. Someone else handled the pet transport from the US to Europe, but heading back? I was worried.

From the beginning correspondence with Jon Bartosh, I was happy with the promptness and straightforward dealings. The nuts and bolts of the relocation were handled by Katy Hearne-Church. I was very worried about the paperwork and requirements, but everything was handled, including the last minute issue with a final bit of paperwork from the municipality in Greece—by Katy. I was on a plane at the time, and couldn't do anything to help, but my cat arrived at the appointed time with another friendly delivery person (whose name I cannot remember, sorry!).

The cats were only slightly annoyed at me due to the move, but we are back to our old selves and the most stressful part of my move was handled brilliantly by PetRelocation. Thank you!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Stephen
Pets' Names: Vier and Eins
From: Greece
To: Washington, D.C., USA

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PetRelocation Team


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By Shen on December 19, 2017 at 9:32 am

That is very reassuring news and I am happy the move went well. We have an upcoming move from Turkey to the UK in April 2018, I am hoping things goes as smoothly as they did for you Stephen.

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