Cat Travel Update: Karma & Reiki’s Return to the United States

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Remember Karma and Reiki, the two cats we moved from the United States to Prague last year? They did a great job learning to get used to their travel crates for their trip, and their story showed that even cats who are new to traveling can handle the experience pretty well.

Well life continues to happen for them, and these globetrotters just returned to the States with their owner. Once again she took lots of pictures, and if you're wondering how the cats have adjusted following another big move, just take a look at the snapshots below.

Their owner told us: "The first day was mainly sleeping… ok, cats sleep a lot anyway but this day was a very sleepy day (I think for all of us!) The following day they were more active and found windows to look out and still explored."

Sounds like Karma and Reiki are doing well! It's always nice to check in with our clients after a move (or after multiple moves) and see how life is getting back to normal.


Checking out some of the new sights and sounds.


Next, sleep some more.


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