Customer Testimonial: Buddy’s Move to Switzerland

Buddy - Old DoxieOur search for moving Buddy, our 12-year-old dog, from Michigan to Geneva began by looking at various pet moving companies. PetRelocation was the one company from the start who responded promptly to our calls/emails and walked us through all our queries. Choosing them for Buddy's move was the best decision we could have made!

Cara was our point person in the USA, and we were regularly in touch from Geneva. She reassured us in every way regarding our doubts and questions.

They chose Lufthansa to take Buddy from Michigan to Frankfurt. He had a 4-hour halt at Frankfurt airport, and stayed there to get a good break. He was then put on a flight to Zurich on Lufthansa.

All this time we could track Buddy online through his check-in/arrival/custom clearance etc. in real time. It was amazing service!

Marcel was in touch with us from Zurich to clear Buddy at immigration, and Raymond drove Buddy from Zurich to Geneva -- a 3 hour drive! It was all done so smoothly and without a hitch.

Buddy is now with us, and he arrived happy, fit and safe. Everyday he is settling into a life in an apartment and with elevators (we had a house in Michigan so this is all new to him!).

There is a dog park right next to our building, and Buddy loves going for walks there. Believe it or not, Buddy even has his own Swiss passport as per the laws here!

We would recommend the services of PetRelocation to anyone anxious about moving their pets overseas. We will certainly use their services again when it is time to move from Geneva!

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Nargis
Pet's Name: Buddy, our dog
From: Troy, Michigan, USA
To: Geneva, Switzerland


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