Dog Transport to the UK: Maya’s Story

MayaIncredible Experiences: Maya's Move to the UK

Relocating to the US from the UK 16 years ago was quite stressful. Returning to the UK was much more stressful with the added concern of transporting our 11-year-old dog Maya. 

The UK has stringent regulations and requirements before allowing a pet to enter the country. If the requirements are not met then a pet could spend a considerable amount of time in quarantine.

After spending several hours wading through the instructions on the Government’s website, we were still uncertain about some of the rules for transporting dogs to the UK and made the decision to engage the services of PetRelocation. From the first communication with Katy we knew we had made the right decision. 

Every question and concern was addressed immediately and we became more confident that Maya would arrive and be released without any issues.  Katy coordinated with the Vet and managed every step of the process.

Maya in the garden

With the help of Katy and her team, Maya arrived on Friday and is enjoying life in her new home.  We are steps away from a park and nature reserve, where she can walk freely off leash and play with the other dogs.

Thank you again Katy, Sandhya, Jon and all who assisted in Maya’s journey!

-Jayne and Chris


Name: Jayne and Chris

Pet's Name: Maya

From: Massachusetts, USA

To: Cheshire, UK


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