Dog Travel Spotlight: An American Staffie’s Move to Ireland

Incredible Experiences: Dog's Happy Reunion

I was impressed with PetRelocation's ability to think outside of the box and ensure that we were able to get "Dog" home safely and with minimum fuss. 

Dog Travel to Ireland with an american staffordshire terrier

Due to "Dog"'s breed, American Staffordshire Terrier, he was not able to accompany us to England when we moved there 6 years ago. He stayed home with my son in Texas for the first couple of years. 

Due to medical reasons, it was necessary for my son to join me in England 3 years ago and "Dog" was taken to a local doggy hotel to stay for the past 3 years. Although they treated him extremely well, it could not make up for the loss of his family and we obviously wanted him home with us. 

Dog the Dog's Move to Ireland

When I retired this year, one of the prerequisites in determining where I would settle was the ability to have "Dog" join us. Ireland met that primary condition and we relocated to the Emerald Isle and purchased a lovely century-old farm on the Wild Atlantic Way for my retirement property. 

I worked with PetRelocation to bring him over as a surprise for my son's 31st birthday in September. After 3 years, the reunion was nothing short of amazing and "Dog" has happily settled into the family routine once again with few hiccups. 

Dog and his new friend in Ireland

He is now happily spending his time between his big sister, a Wolf/German Shepherd cross-breed, his most recent baby brother -- a small feral kitten we found recently, and his human parents. 

I personally had not been with "Dog" in 6 years and finally feel like my family is complete after all that time. Thank you to Jon and Sandhya in Austin, TX, for being willing to think outside the box and finding the simplest way to reunite our family after all this time. 

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Sharon
Pet's Name: Dog
From: Texas, United States
To: Ireland


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