Dog Travel Story: Benji’s Move to Australia From Brazil

Benji's Move to AustraliaIncredible Experiences: Benji's Move to Australia

I would like to describe my great experience with PetRelocation. 

All started last year when we have decided to move from Brazil to Australia. After months of research, we realized that taking Benji to Australia would not be easy, as Brazil is not an approved country to import dogs and cats there.

The whole process took six months from the day Benji had his first rabies test to the day he arrived to our home in Perth, Australia.

I am so glad I found at PetRelocation the peace of mind and the support that I needed, as Benji had to stay 45 days in an approved country before he headed off to the Australian quarantine.

It was very hard for us to stay away from our baby, but PetRelocation helped us all the way providing the care that Benji needed. He looked happy and healthy in The USA quarantine, the Team kept us informed all the way from Benji's exams for the Australian import process until his journey to Melbourne, Australia.

Benji is already settled in his new home and we are a happy family again.

I strongly recommend PetRelocation. The Team was fantastic, Paul Wilson and Linda Smith assisted with all my queries and concerns which made the process easier and less complicated, too, us as moving countries is never an easy decision.

You can follow Benji's adventures in Australia on his Instagram and on Facebook.

Thank you!



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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Priscilla
Pet's Name: Benji
From: California, United States (originally Brazil)
To: Melbourne, Australia


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