Dog Travel Story: T-Rex in Australia

Incredible Experiences: "Happy Dog in Australia"

When I decided to move to Australia, I was convinced I could manage the entire pet relocation process on my own. I checked and re-checked the Australian government guidelines, planned out all the tests and vaccines on my calendar, and congratulated myself for saving a bit of money.

But when I called up the airline to reserve flights, I was told that I wasn't allowed to book my dog's flight on my own -- they'd only allow a professional company to do it. Within two minutes of my first conversation with Linda at PetRelocation, I understood why it was necessary.

In spite of all the seemingly meticulous planning I'd done, she quickly saw that I'd missed a couple of things -- and if I wanted to arrive in Australia on time, I needed to get them done immediately. Without Linda, we'd have been stuck. It was so comforting to be supported by a friendly, calm professional who knows the pet relocation laws inside and out, who knew the answers to all of my questions and always put me at ease.

T-Rex coasted easily through his 10-day quarantine and now spends his days enjoying beautiful Melbourne, where he's happier and more playful than ever!

Thanks to Linda and everyone at PetRelocation for making it possible. We really couldn't have done it without you.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Emma
Pet's Name: T-Rex
From: USA
To: Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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