Dog Travel to Kazakhstan: Seamus and Mimbi’s Move

Two dogsIncredible Experiences: Two Aussies Move Across the World

I worked with Kelcey Shafer from start to finish with my dogs move. I had two Aussie Shepherds headed to Kazakhstan from the States. I was under an enormous amount of stress with my personal life, in addition to having to move my dogs overseas on top of it. 

Kelcey practically held my hand the entire process and made it more or less effortless on my part to get them everything they needed before the very long journey to get there. She was very professional the whole time and very understanding of all my concerns. 

During their trip she was constantly providing me updates, even in the middle of the night to let me know where they were and how they were doing. Any hiccups in the whole process and she was on top of it to sort it out. 

Costs were well estimated with no surprises. I will without a doubt be using them again and hopefully her to repatriate my dogs when the time comes. 




Pet Transport Details:

Pets: Seamus and Mimbi

From: Indiana, United States

To: Kazakhstan


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