Dog Travel to Shanghai: Luca and Polo’s Relocation

Dog Travel Story: Luca and Polo's Move to ShanghaiIncredible Experiences: Luca and Polo's China Move Story

I was very nervous to move our 8-year old Lhasa Apso (Polo) and our 3-year old Mixed Terrier (Luca) to Shanghai, China.

The PetRelocation team put every nervous thought to rest as we began the process of moving our beloved dogs. From our preparation vet visits to every step of our dogs' journey, the PetRelocation team kept us informed and made the mind-boggling process worry-free.

Our dogs did fabulously on the journey to Shanghai! We even received a few photos of them along the way.

Polo and Luca arrived to Shanghai happy and healthy on schedule! They love their Shanghai home! We all have adjusted well.

I highly recommend PetRelocation's services for moving your beloved pets! The entire service was friendly and professional!

We will definitely use them again when we move to Singapore in 2017 and back to Minnesota in 2019!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Charisse
Pets' Names: Luca and Polo
From: Minnesota, USA
To: Shanghai, China


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