Five Pets Travel From Ireland to the United States!

Incredible Experiences: Family Pet Transport to the US

Fudge, Houston, Penny, Whitney and Zoey... We helped these five pets (three cats and two dogs) move from Ireland to the United States last month!


Ready to go, guys?


Over the weekend we were happy to receive an update via Facebook about this menagerie, and it sounds like they're all doing well in their new home.

Their owner writes: "Zoey is enjoying the sun in her new home. PetRelocation provided safe travels for her and our other 4 four-legged crew members from Ireland to Delaware in April (here's two of them chilling on the bed)."


Sun-Loving Zoey


Kitty Cuddles


Thanks to another great pet family for sharing an incredible experience with us! Have questions about moving your own pets? Contact us to discuss your options.


PetRelocation Team


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